About me

Painting and drawing have been activities I have engaged in all my life. I started when I was little, and through years of doing other things, like higher education and working in science, I have never stopped doing them completely. More recently, I have found that the world needs more art and am consequently putting more time, thought and heart energy into making art that hopefully contributes to making the world a better and happier place for everyone.

For me making drawings and paintings are ways in which to engage with the world so that the resulting dialogue first changes me, and then hopefully plays a small part in changing the world around me, too. 

I believe that living well these days isn’t so easy, with concerns about the state of the world and the environment, individual worries of daily life and the fast pace of change encroaching into all our lives. If art can relax, comfort, cheer up or kindle hope in the person looking at it, then that is enough to make it worth the effort put into creating it.